Youth led winter drive provides warmth for the needy

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By Nicole Tau

Lesotho’s non-profit social club, Team Shanghai donated 413 blankets to some of the most vulnerable in the span of only three weeks.

On June 8, Team Shanghai, an up and coming youth lead social club, began a blanket collection campaign through social media in an attempt to curb winter season related illnesses that may increase ones risk of contracting COVID-19.

According to Team Shanghai’s President, Phoka Matete, the club was founded in 2018 as an initiative to foster positive social cohesion change in Lesotho by bringing the Basotho youth together through social gatherings such as soccer and occasional charity campaigns.

“We are our brothers’ keepers. As Team Shanghai we want to instill the mentality that there is always a contribution we can make to change Lesotho for the better. It does not necessarily have to be monetary, it can be in a form of emotional support or services and I think that is what people do not realize. This is the Lesotho we as the youth have inherited and it is up to us to make the best out of it.” Matete told KDNews.

According to Team Shanghai, this is not their first charity campaign. In 2018, July the club held sanitary pads collection campaign and a party at Capello Restaurant in Lesotho where one pack of sanitary pads got one through the door.

Team Shanghai, according to Matete, is apolitical and has two branches in Maseru and Mohale’s Hoek with a membership with over 80 people.

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