Thabane’s daughter wants court to throw-out Maesiah’s bail application

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Mamello Mosaefane

Murder accused former first lady Maesiah Thabane will have to convince the court tomorrow that there cannot be any nurse for sickly former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane but herself for her freedom to be granted.

Maesiah is currently in detention at the female correctional facility and facing murder charges, but Thabane’s daughter Advocate Mabatsoeng Hlaele nee Nkoya Thabane says she must not be granted bail because she can nurse her sickly father.

Maesiah has since pleaded for bail once again after her initial bail, granted by Acting Chief Justice Maseforo Mahase, was turned down by the Court of Appeal and declared irregular. The country’s apex court ordered that she must reapply for bail and her bail hearing be heard by a different judge altogether.

She now says she should be granted bail on an urgent basis due to her husband’s critical health condition.

But Hlaele, Thabane’s daughter presented to court an affidavit in opposition to the bail granting.

While she is filled with anger towards Maesiah and a relationship that she describes to be beyond repair, Hlaele does not wish to be led by her emotions but rather the alleged factual basis of her opposition to Maesiah being granted bail.

Hlaele says her father, Thabane, has endured the sickness for quite a long time and therefore his medical state cannot be used to grant bail to Maesiah.

She further explains that she has always taken care of her father even before Maesiah’s arrival.

Hlaele said family has got everything under control when it comes to Thabane’s health in condemnation of Maesaiah’s plea for bail as she is the only one who can take care of Thabane.

Hlaele said she has also received death threats after circulation of audios files in which she spoke against ‘Maesaiah and implicated her in Lipolelo’s murder.

She said she had to seek refuge with the advice of the Deputy Commissioner of Police Paseka Mokete.

Hlaele said she was also forced her to engage bodyguards for her safety as well as her family’s.

She also echoed claims that Maesiah is a dangerous person due to her association with Famo gangsters that she explains also threatened her life.

Being Thabane’s spouse, according to Hlaele, has granted Maesiah influence and power that she points out let to the collapse of the government under Thabane’s leadership.

Hlaele also reveals that Maesiah corrupt used her power and influence to amass wealth for herself while her father was Prime Minister.

This corruptly gained wealth allegations, Hlaele promises to prove by presenting evidence together with documents already prepared to the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Offences so that she could additionally be prosecuted for several acts of corruption.

This, Hlaele said also points that Maesiah is a flight risk, must not be granted bail, and that a severe punishment before the courts of law potentially awaits her.

Hlaele also notes that the fact that Maesiah had fled the country in the past is reasons why she is opposing her bail application.

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