South African schools reopening delayed

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Matiisetso Mosala

Logistical delays in delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to school in various provinces has prompted the Republic of South Africa to postpone the reopening of schools to a later date of June 8th.

Many Basotho studying in South Africa were last week seen flocking to the South African High Commission to apply for permits allowing them to cross the Lesotho-South African borders amid the COVID-19 lockdown regulations that limit the movement of persons between the two countries borders.

Availability of personal protective equipment in school is significantly important during this time as South Africa is daily becoming a high-risk country in as far as COVID-19 spread is concerned.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recorded that South Africa has a total of 32 683 cases; 16 809 recoveries and 683 fatalities of COVID-19.

Lesotho’s National Emergency Command Centre has communicated that due to the unpreparedness by South Africa, Basotho grade 7 and 12 students attending schools in the republic will go to school a week later than previously scheduled June 1st date.

Hundreds of students from Lesotho have already applied for permit to go back to school in the neighboring country and were ready for school yesterday.

The KDNews has learned more than 150 these students will commute from Lesotho to South Africa on daily basis.

The Covid-19 Command Centre has assured students that arrangements to ensure their safety and protection of their lives have been made as they return to school.

“Students will be monitored to enhance compliance for protection against the COVID-19 pandemic and are therefore urged to wear masks, observe social distancing and sanitize their hands,” said the Command Centre in a statement.

South African High Commission Maseru continues to encourage students in grade 7 and 12 who have not yet registered to do so in order to be permitted to go back to school next week.

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