Security stability key for economic growth: Mokhothu

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By Mamello Mosaefane

Lesotho’s crime rate is according to Deputy Prime Minister Mathibeli Mokhothu among key factors threatening economic growth and a Democratic Congress (DC) led government will implement policies that will bring security stability come 2022.

Mokhothu was addressing scores of party supporters at a rally held in Matsieng.

This follows much instability within the Lesotho Mounted Police Service that saw many weapons going missing at Mafeteng police offices and a rift between the police commissioner Holomo Molibeli and the Lesotho Police Staff Association widen.

The rift between commissioner Molibeli and LEPOSA has resulted in an ‘investigation’ into allegedly ‘missing’ firearms of the association bought as part of an opaquely run firearms scheme by the Association.

Mokhothu said if the economy of a country even if it was to grow but without peace and safety of the people and property there can never be peace.

“Our security agencies have been destroyed and our police service is unstable and it is unable to perform its mandate of protecting the lives of the general public and property.

“When we take over the government, we will come up with clear policies on the training of the police service that can provide the highest standard of policing and ensure the protection of property.

“Not a police service that is unable to deter the killings of persons and the ever-increasing cases of sexual assault and housebreakings.

“There is no peace and there is no stability when the people do not have enough security that they are convinced protects them. The economy shall not thrive if the people work and live under fear,” said Mokhothu.

He said investors will never invest in a country where murder is rampant.

“The rate of crime in Lesotho is a huge challenge for us a congress party. This is so because our congress movement exists to ensure that there is peace and stability within society.

“So that the poor and the rich live-in safety and the general public are protected. Rule of law must not be biased and should not be determined by race, wealth, or political affiliations.

“Justice must be that which Moshoeshoe practiced and not politically inclined justice but a justice for all Basotho,” said Mokhothu.

MOkhothu asked his party followers if they are aware of the challenges that they live in and if they do see they must commit towards building the party to be stable and strong to win government comes 2022.

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