Sam Matekane launches Revolution for Prosperity

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By Staff Reporter

Sam Matekane has this morning launched Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) which he said shall be a turning point for Lesotho’s ailing political economy.

Matekane said the country’s economy is in a debilitating state amid its numerous resources and potential for growth.

He said he would have chosen to go live in any of his homes outside the borders of Lesotho but he could not let  Lesotho’s economy crumble while he stays in foreign lands.

He said he thought all he would do are corporate social responsibility programs to uplift the lives of Basotho without directly being involved in governance.

But, Matekane said he saw a need for the establishment of the RFP that is meant to revolutionise Lesotho’s economy.

“I could not let my country become a laughing stock of other nations,” said Matekane.

Matekane listed various social and economic ills affecting the Lesotho economy.

He said after the torrential rains there have not been any repairs of bridges, access roads and major roads networks in the country.

He said the government is failing to pay businesses on time for rendered services and this is leading to the collapse of many businesses.

“Our party believes that the social ills affecting Basotho are caused by hunger and poverty. if we come together and unite in developing many of the problems would come to an end. if we come together to grow our economy, we would grow as a nation,” said Matekane.

“Meritocracy, Organisation, Systems and institutions. Power and influence on demonstrated abilities and responsibilities are key principles for us,” said Matekane.

He said a government that is not based on meritocracy is unstable and lacks development.

He said a government led by RFP shall see inclusivity in government, accountability and transparency measures put in place so that “key officials declare their assets”.