Rights group to monitor health scare in rural areas

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By Matiisetso Mosala

Transformation Resource Centre (TRC) has launched a programme on monitoring provision of health services and protection of professionals’ rights in rural areas amidst global fight against Covid-19.

The civic group’s Director Tsikoane Peshoane, yesterday knocked the National Emergency Command Centre for being ineffective.

Peshoane said the Command centre makes Basotho and civic groups suspicious about the country’s preparedness to handle the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the past three months, the command centre has shown weakness in ensuring that the country could be ready to deal with the outbreak of the pandemic.

“This is inclusive of ensuring safekeeping of donations that included face masks, sanitizers and testing kits which have since gone missing,” Peshoane said.

Peshoane further points the country missed out on establishing own testing facility for the COVID-19 even after the necessary equipment was donated due to a drawn-out tendering process for engagement of a service provider.

The civic group has three tasks teams which Hape Moshabesha, the Information and Communication Manager explained would cover the 10 districts of the country through the Northern, Central and Southern regions.

She explained that over a period of 10 days, the task team will cover Health Care facilities in the hard to reach areas of the country with 52 in the north, 33 in the south and 44 in the central region.

Peshoane added that the civic groups personnel has undergone training to be able to tackle the task ahead inclusive of adhering to the safety precautions against Covid-19 set out by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This programme, Peshaone said is further aimed at capacitating the Command Centre with compiled information from the grassroots so that it may function more effectively.

Starting next week, May 25, Peshoane said the civic group’s toll-free number and short message service helpline (32020) will be functional to provides health professionals a platform to report challenges encountered on a daily basis.

“Moreover, Health care professionals will be empowered to fight for their rights in the line of duty.

We will take the information to the relevant authorities including the Ministry of Health and that in the case where there will be cases of violations of Human rights, the matter will be taken up with the right civil society authorities concerned with the protection of human rights,” Peshoane said.

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