Reforms to prioritise peace building, unity related laws

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By Mamello Mosaefane

Deputy Prime Minister Mathibeli Mokhotu, yesterday issued a progress report on National Reforms Authority work indicating that peacebuilding and unity should be reforms’ priority as the country needs stability for the upcoming 2022 general elections.

Mokhothu was last week leading a delegation from Pretoria, South Africa.

The report on the progress was commended by SADC facilitator in Lesotho, President Cyril Ramaphosa; with Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke as his hand.

It is in this report that Mokhothu said the authority will prioritise reforming constitutional law, parliament, law, and justice-related issues as well as security.

While the whole reforms process is expected to end in October, these 4 prioritised are scheduled to end in August, to allow for the preparation of the 2022 general elections.

“I am not implying that reforms are done for elections, but you will realize the importance of attaining stability after elections. You will therefore agree with me that the 4 prioritized sections have a huge impact on the country’s stability,” Mokhothu said.

He also emphasized that permanent stability can only be attained when the hiring in the institutions of accountability is not politically influenced, independent parliament, empowered courts of law, and having safety and defence institutions reformed.

As an effort to speed up the process, NRA asked for additional professional input in constitutional and parliamentary reforms from Commonwealth countries and African Union.

The NRA also asked for professional input in security sector reforms.

NRA has so far been discussing referendum bills, human rights bills, amendments of section 10 of the constitution, as well as media policy.

The Minister of law and justice, Nqosa Mahao said that his ministry is busy drafting bills, of which one is expected to be submitted before NRA this week.

Professor Mahao further continued that there is a possibility that the process may not be done in October as expected, due to unforeseeable circumstances; hence the prioritization of the 4 sectors will ensure the country’s permanent stability.

“We are however not working on assumption that we may not be done in October,” Mahao said.

NRA has, among other achievements, managed to prepare offices for staff and all are expected to be settled in their respective offices at the LNDC Park this week.

Furthermore, the purchase of vehicles has been finalised and NRA is waiting for their arrival to allow for smooth mobility.

The ministry of law and justice is working together with the ministry of finance to ensure that NRA receives money into its already set bank account to begin to work independently, and the hiring of staff if expected to soon come to an end.

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