Rapapa speaks on cybersecurity law

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By Keketso Moalosi

Communication, Science and Technology Minister Tsoinyane Samuel Rapapa in collaboration with Lesotho Communication Authority (LCA) said they have engaged Wealth leading Resource Center for effective Cyber Security Capacity building in Lesotho.

Rapapa was speaking at a press briefing on progress on cyber security implementation strategies.

He said the world has turned digital and Lesotho is not an exception, however, there are digital crimes which challenge the government to up cyber security to protect internet users, and important data.

“Cyber Security capacity maturity model for nations (CMM) is a framework to facilitate the assessment of the maturity of a country’s cybersecurity capacity.

“The CCM reviews cyber security capacity across five dimensions: cybersecurity capacity policy and strategy; cyberculture and society; building cybersecurity knowledge and capabilities; legal and regulatory framework; and Standards and Technologies,” he said.

Rapapa further said Lesotho lacks appropriate cyber strategies, incident management capabilities and a number of knowledgeable people in cybersecurity issues.

He further said in order for Lesotho to be certain about the current status quo it is important to have an assessment which will be able to identify gaps and takes a way forward.

“The Ministry of communication, Science and Technology, together with the Lesotho Communications Authority has identified the relevant stakeholders to participate in the CCM.

“They include Academia, civil society groups, and internet Governance Representatives universities, criminal justice and law enforcement, defence and intelligence community, government ministries, Legislators/policy owners, Parliamentarians, cybersecurity incident response teams (CSIRT) and IT leaders from Government and the private sector, critical national infrastructure, private sector and business, and international cooperation,” he said.

Rapapa further assessed that Lesotho is engaged with the cybersecurity capacity Center for Southern Africa (CSA) and Global cyber capacity Centre (GCSCC) which will report the outcome of the workshop which will describe the Lesotho cybersecurity context, summarizes the findings for each factor and aspect, outlines the stages of cybersecurity capacity maturity, and provides recommendations to enable the country to advance its cybersecurity capacity.