Professor Mosotho throws hat into the ring

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…as contest for Basotho National Party leadership draws nearer

By Pulane Chaka

Professor Lehlohono Mosotho, yesterday announced he has submitted a notification letter to the Basotho National Party headquarters declaring his interest to join the contest for the party leadership position come next election of the party.

In an interview, Mosotho stated that members of the Basotho National Party (BNP) asked him to throw his hat in the ring in order to “free” the party.

BNP’s incumbent leader Thesele ’Maseribane has already run his two terms as the party leader in accordance with the party constitution and if the party does not elect to ament party constitution for him to have a third term, he will have to make way for new blood.

“You can see that [the party] isn’t working right. It is going on about thirty years now with the party not functioning correctly during elections, not being heard within the country nor by the Basotho people…” Mosotho said.

He said he intends to work on the party’s election performance and return to its erstwhile glory.

Mosotho went on to say that if he was elected, the party would be gunning to be leading government in the coming year.

BNP, since the 2017 general elections were co-opted into the ruling coalition by the leading party All Basotho Convention for being an ally and remain a party of government as a long-standing ally.

“We will take the government to fight poverty, to fight the corruption that is prevalent within the country that is exacerbating the poverty in our country.

“My intention is to give this party and its structures dignity and respectability,” Mosotho said.

Mosotho said in order for the country to become prosperous, corruption had to be nipped in the bud at the source.

“Corruption begins not in the government but in the respective parties that represent the country and spreads outwards from there,” he said.

Mosotho said if he will be elected to lead the BNP as party leader, he would work for the people because, as the leader of a political party he would be accountable to the party.

“I became a member of the BNP since 1982, and have not defected to any other party since that time.

“I have been assisting the party financially. Even in the last elections, I helped with my personal finances. I helped the All-Basotho Convention (ABC) as well as the Alliance of Democrats (AD) because they had formed an alliance with BNP,” Mosotho said.

Mosotho went on to say that the other political parties in the country should hold on to their reigns as they were about to encounter a storm, the likes of which they had never seen, should he be elected.

He went on to say that the party would need opposition once it took the government, as the opposition would help keep them in check.

Mosotho also declared that he intended to give women in the party a platform.

“Women in the BNP have been cast aside. A leader is a man, his deputy is a man, a secretary-general is a man, a deputy secretary-general is a man.

“Where are the women, with their strength, to come and help run this [party]? Even in the parliament, women are cast aside, even though they are the majority voters.

“So we should also be empowering them so they too can elect other women,” Mosotho said.

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