Prime Minister Thabane hands food parcels to his Abia constituents

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By Matiisetso Mosala

The Prime Minister Thomas Thabane alongside his spouse ‘Maesiah Thabane gave food parcels to vulnerable households in the Abia constituency on Thursday 30th April 2020.

Food parcels included bags of both maize meal and bread flour, cooking oil, a bag of potatoes and other essentials to unspecified number of beneficiaries.

Speaking at the event, Thabane said although Lesotho is still without any positive cases of the Corona virus (COVID-19), due to the State of Emergency declaration and subsequent Lockdown that were enforced from the 29th March 2020 to date, people have to stay home therefore they cannot fend for themselves.

“We then decided at the State House to find means to help some of the people in need, especially those who cannot put afford to buy their families food during this time,” said Thabane.

With the assistance of his Abia constituency administration and local chiefs, he noted they were able to get a list of the most vulnerable possible beneficiaries.

Thabane noted the social responsibility initiative was spearheaded by the First Lady.

He added that all who have landed a helping hand during these trying times deserved to be applauded.

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