Priests, pastors and reverends not immune to Covid-19

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By Lineo Ramatlapeng

Recent reports have brought to the forefront that church leaders are not immune to the deadly Coronavirus that is killing many in Lesotho and around the world.

Churches are experiencing difficulties as Covid-19 hits church leaders, with some losing the battle from different churches across the country.

Roman Catholic church has lost five (5) priests in a matter of two weeks to Covid-19.

As they pray and conduct funeral services for victims of Covid-19, church leaders; priests, pastors and reverends get exposed to being infected with Coronavirus.

Findings of this publication reveal that even though doctors and nurses on the frontline have become symbols of sacrifice, priests and church leaders have also joined the fight at greater risk.

Church goers still go to their leaders for prayer sessions and counselling, exposing them further to the risk.

Administrator of Oblates of Mary Immaculate Lesotho Boatile Mothusi talking to KDnews said they held a funeral for one of them on Sunday 24th January 2021 and the cause of death was COVID-19.

Mothusi admitted that there are two other priests who had been in South Africa who died due to Covid-19.

Bishop Monaheng Sekese of Assemblies of God church on the other hand said so far they do not have any death relating to COVID-19, however they had one pastor who tested positive.

Sekese explained that the pastor was in isolation for a few days, and recently got a negative result after retesting.

Bible College had to be closed for a period of 10 days since the pastor worked there. Bishop Sekese said there were about four church leaders who also tested positive, but had fortunately recovered.

On the issue of funerals, Sekese stated they still go to funerals but not in large numbers to avoid infection as funeral have proved to be super spreaders of the virus.

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