Police Association Spokesperson fired

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…as COMPOL, LEPOSA relations reaches further decline

By Retšelisitsoe Khabo

Lesotho Police Staff Association (Leposa) Spokesperson Police Constable Motlatsi Mofokeng has been dismissed from the Lesotho Mounted Police Service.

Mofokeng has for weeks now been self-exiled and was on April 26 served with a dismissal letter by Lesotho mounted police service penned by Superintendent SJ Marou on behalf of the Commissioner of Police Holomo Molibeli.

But Mofokeng has told KDNews Molibeli is acting beyond his powers and has dismissed him unfairly as he has not consulted with the police authority when resorting to removing him from the police service.

Mofokeng also noted that Molibeli should have afforded him an oral hearing before firing him as the courts had said is procedural to do so in past cases where he had sort to fire police officers without affording them a hearing.

Mofokeng vowed to take the fight against his dismissal to the courts of law to seek protection.

In the letter of dismissal, reference is made to the letter of representation dated October 9 October 2020 bearing reference CP/C/PF/11209/11709 and further and further correspondences which are dated October 13, 15, 20 and 21, last year.

The dismissal letter reminded Mofokeng that he will vividly recall that he was required to furnish the office of the commissioner of police with reasons “why the commissioner may not invoke the provisions of section 31(1)(b) against him”

The letter further told Mofokeng that he will agree that he requested further particulars in order to enable him to make the requisite representation.

Mofokeng was also told in the letter that he will agree that he was duly provided with the information he requested which was in the possession of Lesotho mounted police service.

He was also told in a letter that he will agree a copy of the record of criminal investigation was provided to him even though he did not request for it which depicts that indeed he was convicted of the alleged crime before he was admitted as a police recruit.

The letter further indicated that it cannot be refuted that he was required to make a representation regarding the answer to the question that was put to him when filling the application of employment in the police force form on around October 4, 2002.

He was also made aware that he will agree that until the 26 of April 2021 his representation has not yet been received notwithstanding that he was given a clear timeframe within which was expected to have responded.

Mofokeng was also made aware that on October 22, 2020, instead of responding to the letter of representation he approached the high court of Lesotho on an urgent basis and sought an interdict against the commissioner of police from exercising his statutory powers.

The letter added that Mofokeng successful obtained the interdict that favours him which was granted by Justice Banyane on the same day.

Mofokeng was also told that he will recall that on March 18, this year arguments on this matter were made before justice Mokhesi and the judgement was delivered and his application was thereafter reserved.

He was also made aware that on April 22, the judgement was delivered and his application that sought to bar the commissioner of police from exercising his statutory powers was dismissed.

The letter further stated that it is therefore irresistibly axiomatic that he has waived his constitutional right to make the required representation in this regard.

Superintendent Marou said it is on the basis of the foregoing background that the commissioner of the police has instructed him as he hereby informs Mofokeng that he has been dismissed from the police service with effect from April 26, 2021, in terms of section 31(1)(b) of service act No 7 of 1998.

Mofokeng was further informed to return all uniform items and accoutrements which were issued to him while he was still a police officer for the performance of duties to the officer commanding the special operations unit and those must include a police identification card.

But Mofokeng who is currently exiled told KDnews his dismissal was unfair.

He said he is going to approach the courts of law for redress.

On behalf of Leposa, deputy secretary-general Makatleho Mphetho said they cannot say anything regarding the dismissal letter issued to Mofokeng as they have not formally received or saw the letter but rather, they only saw the letter that is circulating on social media.

She told KDnews that even Mofokeng has not formally received the letter instead of seeing it on social media.

However, Senior Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli, police spokesperson said that Mofokeng has received the letter through his legal representatives.

He said Mofokeng’s legal representatives received and signed the letter of dismissal.