‘opening Lehakoe gym would be a reckless move’

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By Nicole Tau

Reopening the Central Bank of Lesotho-run Lehakoe Recreation and Cultural Centre gymnasium in light of the jump in Covid-19 cases in Lesotho would be an irresponsible move and could tarnish the banks reputation, says Ephraim Moremoholo of the bank’s Corporate Communication Office.

Moremoholo made the above comments in an interview with KDNews today as he watered down rife speculation that the gym was closed due to financial constraints.

This was coupled with demands from quarters of the users that it should be opened like other gyms in town which had also closed temporarily as a precautionary measure against the spread of Covid-19.

As at yesterday, July 01, Lesotho had registered 35 cases of Covid-19, 11 recoveries and 24 active cases.

“Keeping the gym closed is also our way, as the Central Bank of Lesotho, to fight and curb the spread of the virus in Lesotho,” Moremoholo said.

Ahead of the national lockdown, on March 13, central bank hastened to close down the Lehakoe Gym, joining the national and global efforts to curtail spread of the pandemic.

According to Moremoholo, a gym is a place where transmission of the virus is most likely to occur because of people touching various pieces of equipment.

“As the bank, our main focus right now is to keep critical functions of the bank operating…Lehakoe gym is not a critical or essential service and will therefore remain closed until it is unequivocally safe to reopen it,” he said.

He concluded by emphasising that Lehakoe is a facility operating under the Central Bank of Lesotho and as long as the bank was “alive and kicking”, Lehakoe would remain operational.

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