NUL students to release TV series Exposé

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By Retselisitsoe Khabo

Exposé, an enchanting eight-part series depicting social life and academic of tertiary students at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) is set to be released in September.

The Television series is aimed expose the outside the lecturer room life of tertiary students with particular focus on NUL students.

In an interview with KDnews, Bahlakoana Chokocha, a Faculty of Humanities student studying Philosophy at the university said the TV series consists of eight episodes on its first season estimated to be released around September 2020.

Chokocha is the video editor and assistant director in the production of the Exposé. He told KDnews that most of the work is already completed and the production team is now doing final touches in post-production.

Chokocha said Exposé is inspired by the overall daily socio-cultural and economic activities that students come across while they are at the university that affects their academic life negatively or positively.

He said the TV series is meant to raise awareness and make freshman aware of socio-cultural and economic activities that their senior students traversed that sometimes lead students into losing their dreams or leave them scarred for life.

Chokocha said the TV series will give a slight experience on how to best handle social life at the university and how to balance it with one’s academic work.

Chokocha also said the series will still unveil the life of NUL students in classroom but the main focus is how do they live their lives beyond the lecture rooms.

He said the hardest thing they came across is having to finance the whole project out of their own pockets amid its social value to the NUL student population.

Exposé, Chokocha said features all cast from the NUL student population that include students that major with Theatre while some are just naturally talented students from different faculties at the University.

Chokocha said the TV series has been delayed due to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, but the production teams is hopeful that their series will capture many audiences’ interest once released sometime.

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