New Senate building sod turning

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By Pulane Chaka

President of the Senate, Mamonaheng Mokitimi, yesterday said that the building of the new Senate was a project almost ten years in the making.

Mokitimi said that to build a new home for the Senate was a project that had been envisaged since 2012 and had been presented with many challenges along the way.

Mokitimi also said that the building where the Senate is currently housed is small and raised issues where matters of technological advances were concerned.

“The construction of this new building is going to be the answer to a lot of problems such as the safety of staff members and services, limited working conditions, a building that could no longer be renovated because it was old as well as not being able to advance the building technologically,” Mokitimi said.

She also added this new Senate building would be home to the Parliamentary Service Commission which is a vision to have the Parliament be an independent body that is free to hire employees under the Commission and such a service would require an up-to-date modernised workspace.

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