Mosotho Gospel Star shines in SA

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By Nicole Tau

Katleho Prosperity Moshe, Lesotho’s very own gospel singer, has been nominated by the Free State Gospel Music Awards for the Best Gospel Artist in Lesotho Award, which will be announced in October this year.

Moshe is now working on his second album, “O Qobosheane,” which translates to “Strong Tower” in English, and has collaborated with local singers such as Nthabiseng Khetsi, Phoka Matete, Thabo Mhlangeni, and Tumelo Ncheke.

Moshe has been determined to deliver the word of God with his God-given gift of singing since he was nine years old, in the early 1990s, and in a church choir.

“During that time I was really inspired by the late Sammy Malete. I used to attend his live shows with my mother who has since passed away in 2018,” Moshe said.

Although Moshe stated that it has been difficult to be a gospel singer in Lesotho due to a lack of public support in the past, he believes that people are finally expressing their appreciation for gospel music.

Moshe stated that he had faced many other challenges that required him to spend large sums of money on his projects along the way; however, he said that as a gospel singer and a religious person, it is critical for him to preach the word of God through the messages he delivers in his music.

“I am a very spiritual person. And the more I am revived by doing what I love, the more it keeps me going. My wife as well has been my pillar of strength. She has been very supportive,” Moshe said.

He wishes there were more platforms for gospel singers in Lesotho that would provide aspiring and established gospel singers with a nurturing and thriving environment and industry.

“We really need a program on Lesotho television that focuses on gospel music. We used to have one but it no longer exists. It’s truly disheartening that now we cannot find or get exposure,” He said.

Moshe also expressed his desire for artists’ rights to be truly enforced so that Lesotho artists could receive royalties for their copyrighted content.