Moleleki calls for Kabi to be appointed Prime Minister

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…as Mapesela, Tau congratulate Kabi for his election as ABC leader
By Mamello Mosaefane.
Official Leader of Opposition has called for the appointment of the newly elected All Basotho Convention Leader Nkaku Kabi as Prime Minister of Lesotho.
Through his status as the official leader of Opposition Moleleki sits in the Council of State that advices His Majesty King Letsie III on the appointment of Prime Minister and other key governance matters that the constitution rests in the ambit of the Council of State.
Moleleki said if the King was to call a sitting of the Council of State and the National Assembly Speaker informed the Council of the election of the Qeme constituency legislator Kabi as leader of the ABC, then he would vote for his appointment as Prime Minister.
Moleleki shared these sentiments at a maiden rally held in Qeme constituency where former Prime Minister and founding leader of the ABC Thomas Thabane handed reins of power to Kabi.
Also present were leaders of Democratic Party of Lesotho Limpho Tau, Basotho Patriotic Party Tefo Mapesela who stood alongside Moleleki in inaugurating Kabi for his election.
Moleleki said he wishes to see Kabi, being a leader of the largest party in parliament take over the reins of power and be Prime Minister as soon as possible.
“It would be senseless for ABC to have a leader at Qhobosheaneng leading the government [Prime Minster Majoro] and a different one in parliament. For that reason, I pray that Kaku takes his position.
“What I ask for in the name of Alliance of Democrats is for us to see this leader of the biggest party in Lesotho as the Prime Minister as soon as possible,” Moleleki said.
Moleleki told multitudes of ABC members that as a member of the council of State that provides counsel to the King, he would vote for Kabi to be appointed Prime Minister.
Moleleki shared his joy with ABC members in inaugurating Kabi, also thanking them for electing Kabi in a peaceful conference in Maseru.
Legislator for Mokhotlong constituency Tefo Mapesela, also former member of ABC, now a leader of Basotho Patriotic Party also congratulated Kabi on his leadership position.
Mapesela pleaded with ABC members to support Kabi in all the challenges he might face.
Mapesela said his party will always be supportive of Kabi, also telling him to take care of a legacy left behind by Thabane.
“It is in rare cases that you see someone attend a rally of a party they left. That is because I have no bad blood with ABC,” said Mapesela.
Leader of DPL, Limpho Tau also congratulated ABC for showing significant growth of the party by peacefully handing over leadership.
Tau therefore wished ABC well under Kabi’s leadership, saying ABC’s actions should be a good example as the largest party in the country.