Mojakhomo speaks against Maesiah bail application

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  • Reveals how Lesotho former Prime Minister’s wife Maesiah paid for her sister wife’s assassination

Nicole Tau

It is a year since Makarabo Mojakhomo’s fled for her life, holed herself in an undisclosed location in Gauteng province of South Africa, after her arrest for allegedly defrauding murder accused Maesiah Thabane’s Trust Fund.

Mojakhomo, a second woman self-exiled in South Africa, has resurfaced in an effort to oppose her former employer’s pursuit for freedom from the gallows which she argues in an affidavit threatens her life.

As Maesiah Thabane’s bail application is supposed to be heard Tomorrow, June 16, a plethora of affidavits deposed to by men and women who want the murder accused former first lady to rot in jail have since been filed with the High Court.

The plot thickens as Mojakhomo finally dwells deeper, in an affidavit, and unveils shocking details following Lipolelo Thabane’s murder and illustrates the Former First Lady’s role in it.

Mojakhomo says she transported a portion of money for payment of Lipolelo’s murder while employed as Maesiah Thabane Trust Fund’s Director.

On five occasions, Mojakhomo says she gave money to murdered Famo gangster Motau Thulo.

Thulo, Mojakhomo says she learned from Maesiah that he was silenced so as to bury evidence of Lipolelo’s murder.

She says Maesiah said, “dead men tell no tales.”

Mojakhomo says she was detained by police after she surrendered herself assisted by her lawyer, Attorney Leon Mare, at the Police Headquarters, when wanted for allegedly stealing M200 000.

She says she was then called into an office where she found now Assistant Commissioner of Police Beleme Lebajoa, Maesiah, and Mrs. Motsie. Maesiah hurled despicable insults at her.

Mojakhomo recounts events that led to her kidnapping and attempted murder. For full details of Mojakhomo’s speaking from exile.

Up until the third occasion of transporting the blood money for Maesiah, Mojakhomo says she was in the dark as to the purpose of the money she had been instructed to deliver on previous occasions.

Mojakhomo says on the third occasion she was given M65 000 to hand to Motau, but says she took M10 000 as commission for herself, and only paid M55000 Motau.

Mojakhomo says she only learned in a supposed moment of passionate anger, when reprimanded by Maesiah for taking M10 000, the graphic details of how she had been used to pay Motau for Lipolelo’s murder.

“She then asked me whether I know how she got the status of the First Lady of Lesotho. She asked me whether I knew that Thulo was dangerous. She then went to ask whether I want to die like Lipolelo,” says Mojakhomo.

Not admitting theft, Mojakhomo states that Maesiah told her the M65 000, was “requested” and given to her by a Chinese man, only identified as Daniel, residing at Hoohlo Industrial Area.

She says for the fourth time, she had to deliver another payment, which then amounted to M120 000 and was counted by her and Maesiah.

Mojakhomo says she was given M2 000 for transporting the stash of cash as ordered.

On the fifth occasion, however, a disgruntled Mojakhomo says she informed Maesiah of her unwillingness to deliver the money without getting paid.

Mojakhomo says she also warned Maesiah to remember she knew what the purpose of the money was and only to infuriate the former first lady.

She says this caused her to bring Maesiah to the brink of physically assaulting her.

Mojakhomo says she is now pursuing a case against Maesiah Thabane and the police for attempted murder, the murder of her unborn child through a miscarriage she suffered, kidnapping, conspiracy to kill her, defeating the ends of justice and human trafficking.

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