Mohale’s Hoek villagers decry water shortage

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By Nicole Tau

Ha Ramarumo and Liphiring villagers bemoaned their water woes during an inauguration of rural water supply reservoirs construction project in the arid Southern District of Mohale’s Hoek.

The inauguration of the rural water supply systems erection was attended by Deputy Minister of Water, Lepota Sekola, Principal Secretary Mamakoanyane Bohloko, the Taung constituency legislator Selemo Mangobe and Mohale’s Hoek Constituency legislator Sentje Lebona.

Mapalesa Sakoane, a villager, emphasized the villagers past several attempts at trying to reach out to the water Ministry to no avail. She said they see it as a blessing that water would now be coming to their communities.

For his part, a seemingly elderly Matalajoe Tsanyane, expressed his disappointment and said he was tired of being given false hope by various government officials who have come to his village over the years making pompous promises that are never kept.

Tsanyane, said although he was now feeble and old, he was going to live on to see there was adequate supply water in his village.

Secretary of the Ramarumo Association, ‘Mareitumetsi Mokhoabane, said “water that we are using is from an old source that we had long begged for it to be reconstructed”.

“Now we are once again begging for our tank to be refilled, asking for help on how we can get more water.

“We are glad that the Minister responsible for Water is here because now he will see that our community is really in trouble, that we cannot even protect ourselves from the COVID-19 virus since there is no water for us to wash our hands with”.

Chief of Liphiring village in Taung, Mantimo Raboroko, said her people in Liphiring have for a long time been neglected by government.

“There is not water at the clinic. Our nurses are doing their job but there is no water.

“Now people have to travel long distances to give births at in town at Mohale’s Hoek Hospital.

“We are a community that works together. We plough and plant with our own hands and resources. All we want is for the government to buy us tractors, seeds and build us a dam,” Raboroko said.

Bohloko, responding to the woes of the villagers said “Water is life” and said she is saddened that her native home of Taung has its people suffering.

“We are the servants of the people. We were given a mission of serving the people. Our mission amongst other things is to serve, protect and listen to the concerns of the public,” said Bohloko as she assured the villagers their grievances will be addressed.

Sekola said he will ensure that water is delivered to the people of Taung as he is “a man of action”.

“As Ministers, we must go out and engage with the public. I will personally see to it that things are done accordingly as we address the issues of lack of water in the various parts of Lesotho,” said the Deputy Minister.

Sekola told the communities gathered at the inauguration he would be visiting on July 13th with contractors to start the construction work of reservoir and systems to supply them with water.

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