Mohales’ Hoek residents water woes to end soon

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Lineo Ramatlapeng

Long-running water woes of rural communities of Mohale’s Hoek in Taung are set to come to an end soon as construction of water reservoirs is set to take-off on Monday July 13.

The projects are part of the yearly construction of water reservoirs by the rural water supply unit.

A Liphiring village Chief, Manthimo Raboroko, said she is delighted by the project coming to their village amid having been promised water will be brought closer to the community from a spring that provides the entire village with water but is located far from their homes many ages ago.

Raboroko said her community had lost hope but now with the new Minister of water, Nkaku Kabi, they believe their lives will be changed and they will not have to travel long distances anymore to fetch water.

“Now with COVID-19 preventative measures that requires us to wash our hands frequently we are unable to do so,” said Raboroko.

She also praised the Deputy Minister of Water Lepota Sekola who officiate a ceremony announcing the beginning of the construction of the community water reservoirs.

Addressing the Liphiring residents, Sekola said his original plan was to deliver the good news of water tanks to be constructed to the Ha Ramarumo communities when he was told that Liphiring is also crying of thirst.

Sekola told the Liphiring people that on Monday July 13th he would be visiting them once again in the company of a construction company that is going to help them bring water closer to the community.

He said the community members will now be able to wash their hands as many times as they wish to.

Sekola said he is not only helping Taung but as well as nearby villages such as Ha-Mohalinyana and others.

He said the initiative was led by Water Minister Kabi who had delegated him to bring the good news that water is coming to the people.

Sekola added that Kabi did not mince his words when he said there should be “no more thirst” and people should be given water.

Selemo Mangobe, the Taung constituency legislator thanked Sekola saying it was only few days ago when he contacted the Deputy Minister and already there is hope.

Mangobe said that the spring to be turned into a protected water reservoir serves the few villages around that area including a clinic, primary school, secondary school, and yogurt and petroleum jelly manufacturing firms.

In conclusion, Mangobe said they will be ready on the July 13th to witness as the actual work of bringing water closer to the community kicks-off.

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