Minister threatens to replace shoddy dam contractors

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By Nicole Tau

Water Affairs Minister Nkaku Kabi has threatened to fire underperforming contractors engaged by rural water supply for construction of clean water collection dams in rural communities.

Kabi said his Ministry will be looking for suitable graduates to fill the role of water project contractors due to some contractors failing to deliver high-quality products.

The Minister was speaking after inspection of progress at various water projects currently underway across the country.

The irked minister lamented the incompetence and lack of commitment shown by some of the contractors engaged to ensure rural communities have clean water supply nearer to their homesteads.

Although the contractors were given a substantial budget to perform their duties, Kabi accused them of having not delivered on the work they were supposed to perform.

“Just like in many other jobs, there are contractors that do not do their job. When the contractors do not do their job, we as the Ministers are the ones who end up bearing the burden of some places not having access to water. These contractors are Basotho, even though given a chance to prove themselves they lacked commitment,” Kabi said.

As a result, Kabi announced the Ministry’s intentions is to employ unemployed graduates from relevant institutions to do the dam construction jobs that the established contractors were supposed to do but failed.

He said the initiative, the ministry believes would save government millions but also great more employment for the youth.

Kabi made the scathing threats at failing contractors during a water event held in Qeme area and covering places like Ha-Motheo, Matukeng, and Likotsi.

Kabi and his deputy Lepota Sekola addressed the community’s woes over water shortages.

Members of the Ha Motheo water Committee said their water pipes date back to the 80s and have since corroded, but nothing has been done since then.

In addition, the members requested the Ministry to install toilets in the region which they had been promised since 2018.

That being said, a member of the water committee at Ha-Motheo, Mokete Mokoka, expressed his concerns over the ever-growing number of people in the village amid water shortages.

Mokoka said that there used to be a water source a distance away that used to serve the Ha-Motheo community but it has since been dried up due to droughts.

Mokoka, said the only three remaining water sources do not have enough water to meet the demands of the entire village.

However, Mokoka said there are several potential water sources such as one located at Mahaheng, Lithakong and Libeng Sa Lipere that have not yet been explored for the benefit of Ha-Motheo community.

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