Minister Maqelepo warns health workers

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 By Nicole Tau

The Minister of Health, Motlatsi Maqelepo, issued a stern warning against health workers who are set to go on stay-away from Monday protesting lack of action from government towards their safety demands against Covid-19.

In a statement released earlier today, Maqelepo instructed health authorities not to be involved in the looming strike and ensure that all workers report to work on Monday and subsequent days.

He warned going on strike was a direct violation of public service regulations.

“Health services are essential and need to be accessible at all times especially during this era of Covid-19. We therefore need to work hand in glove to defeat this pandemic,” he insisted.

His statement was triggered by the healthcare associations’ letter dispatched to health workers nationwide, yesterday, informing them about the intended withdrawal “from the source of [Covid-19] infection” until their demands are met.

According to the letter, health workers in public and private sectors said that they will no longer expose themselves to the Covid-19 without personal protective equipment, scrubbing tools and protective uniforms and warm clothing—among other things.

According to the statement, however, Maqelepo did heed to most of the demands brought the health workers.

“Although the government cannot meet the tax holiday demand, it has agreed to a Hazard Allowance, ranging from M2500 to M3500 per month as per risk categories,” the statement said.

Maqelepo admitted that the PPE is inadequate but assured that no health facility has run out and that the equipment was being distributed to various facilities in batches.


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