Mapesela taunts Majoro over amnesty law

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By Lineo Ramatlapeng

The Basotho Patriotic Party founding leader Tefo Mapesela has called on Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro to publicly state his position as head of government whether he supports the enactment of an amnesty law styled national peace and unity bill 2021.

Mapesela speaking in a social media circulated audio clip said both the All Basotho Convention Spokesperson on behalf of the party, the Democratic Congress leader Mathibeli Mokhothu and Communications, Science and Technology Minister Sam Rapapa had pronounced various stances over the law save for the Prime Minister.

He said as political leaders they can forgive one another but those who are charged with having committed crimes and must be held accountable and pay for their crimes.

“Those who committed crimes should go to prison before the law comes into operation, while we will continue to work on implanting the peace and unity law after they have been prosecuted to the full extent to the law,” said Mapesela.

Mapesela added that he became a politician because of his passion for this country not from being read a book about congress party politics like some politicians.

With jabs directed at Prime Minister Majaro, Mapesela urged him to come out of hiding and state his stance on the controversial law that been scoffed at by families of the victims of the instability that ensued in 2014 to 2016.

He said Majoro was handed on a silver platter the ABC deputy leadership position and now even though a Premier fails to speak out and state his stance over a draconian law intended to absolve criminals.