Mapesela, Makoa bay for Majoro’s blood.

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By Mamello Mosaefane

Opposition legislators have filed a motion for a vote of no confidence in a bid for Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro’s ouster.

Legislator for Mokhotlong constituency and leader of a newly formed Basotho Patriotic Party (BBP), Tefo Mapesela alongside his motion seconder, Alliance of Democrats (AD)’s Kose Makoa want the house to move out Majoro and replace him with AD leader, Monyane Moleleki.

Moleleki is a former deputy Prime Minister and the current official leader of Opposition in the national assembly of Lesotho.

The notice of motion presented to the national assembly today by the duo proposed the name of Moleleki who is also the Machache constituency legislator as the best man to take over the reins of power from Majoro.

Part of the notice of motion submitted to the office of the Speaker of the National Assembly Sephiri Motanyane reads, “This honourable house has no confidence in the government of the Kingdom of Lesotho which is led by the Rt. Hon. The Prime Minister, Dr. Moeketsi Majoro; and this honourable house begs leave”.

In 2021, Mapesela and Makoa fought for Majoro’s ouster amid him being shielded from feeling the wrath of parliamentarians when Motanyane denied the legislators a right to use a secret ballot in their motion for a vote of no confidence.

Following the ruling of the Speaker against the use of secret ballot when the vote of no confidence is being undertaken, legislators approached the constitutional court in demand for the court to intervene and set aside the ruling of Motanyane.

But in an unfortunate turn of events, the constitutional court ruled in favour of the Speaker and said the legislators have a duty to vote openly in the house and not use secret Ballot.

When they launched their court bid to overturn the ruling of the Speaker, Mapesela was arguing some of the members of parliament that including some in Majoro’s cabinet fear reprisals if they were to vote against Majoro in the no-confidence vote.

Parties like the Basotho Action party led by Professor Nqosa Mahao had also said they would not support the vote of no confidence against Majoro arguing the country does not require a change of a Prime Minister but must go to elections.