Majoro speaks on his resignation as ABC deputy leader

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…but clings on to power and says he will not be vacating Prime Minister’s Office anytime soon.

By Mamello Mosaefane

Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro has confirmed his resignation from All Basotho Convention National Executive Committee today but says he will continue as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho until his work is done.

Dr. Majoro was co-opted as ABC Deputy leader following Professor Nqosa Mahao’s defection to form Basotho Action Party alongside a number of party legislators.

The Prime Minister said while he will remain in office as Prime Minister, he decided to step down as party deputy leader arguing: “It was clear to me that if as the deputy leader I contested to be elected party leader, and our members took a decision not to confirm me as their leader, that has a powerful message to me.

“And the message was, you are occupying a position which ought to have put you on succession for leader but our members say No! You are not the right person to be our leader. There must be somebody else [Kabi].”

Majoro was giving reasons for his long-planned decision to resign deputy leader post should he lose in the elections.

Following his resignation, Majoro said “Indeed I can confirm I have tendered my resignation from the deputy leadership position.

“I had reflected before the elections that I will have to resign my post as deputy leader if I lose the elections. I had reflected about the outcomes of the elections prior and after the elections,” he said.

Majoro further added that he found it an obligation after losing the elections to create an opportunity for the party to begin to groom somebody who will succeed its new leader Kabi in due course.

His reason for resigning was also to emphasize the need to be modernizing the parties in Lesotho.

“We are now in transition from old politics to politics that respect our members’ unity. My resignation was also to allow for the party to identify the future leader of ABC,” he added.

Majoro has also said he still remains the Prime Minister, also uttering a sarcastic statement that he is preparing Kabi for the high speed of Prime Ministerial motorcade.

Both Kabi and Majoro were not clear as to when Kabi would take over the Prime Minister position only saying they are internally discussing the matter.

“I had asked the Prime Minister whether he would be stepping down, for me to be the one using the high speed of the motorcade needs me to be a well-prepared person. But he told me that I must be well prepared for the high-speed motorcade that comes with a lot of pressure. So, it could be after 3 or 6 months,” Kabi said.

Majoro also emphasized the two (2) centers of power will work perfectly as he had resumed his position not being a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC).

“I have been in that arrangement. I have ideas on how we can work it out and remember that is a democratic choice,” He said.

Majoro was last year appointed deputy leader by former leader, Thomas Thabane as the NEC showed concern that Majoro’s absence in it is making things difficult for him to run his administration in tandem with ABC’s NEC decisions that resulted in conflicts.