Mahao’s party endorsed to contest 2022 elections

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…as Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) hands certificate of registration to Basotho Action Party (BAP) leadership

By Lerema Pheea

Basotho Action Party (BAP) will come 2022 be counted among parties that will contest in the National Assembly General elections after last week’s receipt of its certificate of registration for the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

It was pomp and fanfare as the BAP supporters donning the party’s navy blue, golden yellow, and red regalia and singing jubilantly as their leaders received the party’s certificate of registration.

The supporters were blowing whistles, women ululating and men whistling as the party leader Professor Nqosa Mahao was handed the certificate by Director of Elections Lehlohonolo Suping.

“IEC awards this certificate to BAP after the party met all requirements needed for a party to be registered to contest elections,” said Suping.

After receiving his party’s registration certificate from IEC, Mahao said it is not an easy thing for a party to be fully registered with the IEC.

He said the ball is now in our court to work towards ensuring the party victory come to the next elections as he thanked IEC for a good job.

Mahao said that it is their desire for IEC to guide them in order to avoid making mistakes that will result in the violation of the party constitution that breads infighting when the party is supposed to be focused on services delivered.

He added that there are often allegations that IEC rigs the elections but appealed on IEC to work with the party in order to mystify such myths because the rate at which his party is growing in numbers, he is certain of a landslide victory and that will definitely shock someone.

He called for IEC to announce when bi-elections in five constituencies will be held.

He added that IEC must get prepared for 2021 general elections because he knows very well that there must be a constituency delimitation every 10 years.

“If we delay to prepare ourselves for these coming elections, we will find ourselves closely near the election time without doing anything orderly,” said Mahao.

Mahao said BAP is ready for the announcement of the day IEC will select for bi-elections as the party is now part of parties that can contest elections.

He further explained that BAP subscribes to rule of law and democracy and would like to see corruption dealt with decisively when his party assumes power.

Commissioner of IEC Karabo Mohlakoana-Mokobocho said BAP is a fifth party this year that receives its registration certificate.

She said that it was only after 47 days that BAP receives its certificate and therefore they must apply the same effort to work hard to fulfill their party manifesto.