Mahao’s feared Makhoakhoeng hatched ouster plot

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By Linkeng Motšoane

Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro allayed former All Basotho Convention (ABC) deputy leader Nqosa Mahao’s fears of expulsion allegedly plotted at former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s home in Makhoakhoang.

Professor Mahao, speaking at the launch of his newly formed party, Basotho Action Party had claimed his ouster was hatched in a nefarious plot at Makhoakhoeng feast that Dr. Majoro had attended.

Mahao, a former justice minister last week said the plot was discussed in the presence of the Prime Minister and it was intended to thwart his aspirations to contest the 2022 elections under ABC. And ultimately end his career in politics by expulsion from the party.

But, Majoro said that he did not really understand Mahao’s statement when he told him his visit to Makhoakhoeng is tantamount to handing over government to former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane.

Majoro suspected Mahao’s statement was a way out of ABC.

He said he was shocked that Mahao said the things that he claimed following the Makhoakhoeng feast.

“There were rumors that I hated Ntate Thabane and that he also hates me. There were people who were happy that we were said to hate each other and those who were livid when they saw me at Makhoakhoeng,” said Majoro.

“What you do not know is that I have a history with Ntate Thabane, I work with him while he was a minister in various government ministries. I also worked closely again with him while he was self-exiled in Ficksburg.

“We worked together on a lot of things and people who thought that we would hate each other because of the fights are just wishful.

“I went to Ntate Thabane’s house, we talked, drank tea and we reminisced over our times when visiting Mozambique. We were appealing to Mozambican President Felipe Nyusi to intervene in Lesotho’s political and security instability, he even invited me to this ancestral feast,” Majoro said.

Majoro said the following week after the Makhoakhoeng held feast he heard rumors over his visit to Thaabne’s home.

“I do not hide when visiting Ntate Thabane, because he is my leader and a leader who founded ABC party and I love him and I have a right to consult him anytime,” said Majoro.

“What I heard from Mahao’s mouth is that we planned to fire him while we were at Makhoakhoeng. But I calmed him and told him, to my knowledge there is no such thing but I will look into the matter.

“I made a few calls to people who were with me at Makhoakhoeng and asked them about this allegation but they were all in the dark,” said Majoro.

Majoro said he was showed a video clip last Tuesday and he was shocked to see that Mahao was leaving the party.

Majoro said his government is independent and it makes its decisions independently.

He further said he is not controlled by anyone but acts independently as a Prime Minister

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