Mahao in bid to empower Koro-koro youth

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By Mamello Mosaefane

Minister of law, human rights, Constitutional Affairs, Justice, and Correctional Service, Nqosa Mahao has organized a project to equip unemployed youths in the Koro-koro constituency with skills to generate income through production of cosmetics.

Professor Mahao said he started the project for the unemployed youth of his constituency to take them off the streets as that could lead them to go astray into crime.

He said he organized someone with specialized skills to train the youth in producing things that will in the future help them generate their own income and beat the country’s plummeting unemployment rate.

One of the trainees, Liteboho Tšosane, a resident of Mokema, said they have so far learned how to make jelly sweets, body cream using aloe and jam as well as the benefits of cranberries and what can be done out of them.

All these, Tšosane said they achieved through contributions to purchase ingredients to make their products, and sometimes they were assisted by good Samaritans.

Tšosane is a National University of Lesotho graduate of class of 2015, and she has since then been working part-time jobs since her graduation.

She points that this is a great opportunity to grab, as the training is not very demanding of her time.

The training, she mentions is done on particular days that they agreed on as a group.

She however said there were more of them when the training started, but as time went on some lost interest, some found jobs and some went to schools; leaving a number of trainees lower than when they started.

Some of mokema youth who opted to remain anonymous told KDNews that as much as this is a great opportunity, the unemployment is still hitting and they cannot participate fully in the program as they still have to juggle the training and their part-time jobs for survival.

Topollo Lephatšoe, a volunteer trainer, said the training commenced this year and is expected to take a year as he has only touched on the basics now.

Lephatšoe also adds the training among others involves teaching the trainees about packaging as well as how to be competitive in the market.

“My aim is to change the culture of consumerism that Lesotho has and instill a culture of producing things,” said Lephatšoe.

He also added that Lesotho has a lot of resources like peaches, but there is no one producing jam in the country.

Liteboho Tšosane said after their training, the whole team of trainees is planning on remaining as it is and work together in production of various products.

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