M80,000 worth tippy tanks to save prisoners lives

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By Retšelisitsoe Khabo

Since Lesotho recorded its first case of covid 19, inmates have always been at high risk of contracting covid 19 as they live in very congested places inside prison cells.

Owing to lack of sanitary facilities in Lesotho’s prisons, inmates in their tens would use the same tape and washing basins handling the tap and risk passing on the virus to other inmates.

To mitigate possible outbreaks, visitation to prisons were heavily restricted for months.

However, a donation by the Red cross in partnership with standard Lesotho bank will make the lives of inmates easier.

Red Cross and the bank donated tippy tanks to Lesotho correctional service’s Maseru Central Prison.

Kopano Masilo of red cross Lesotho said their partnership with Standard Lesotho bank has been very helpful to Basotho since the covid-19 pandemic started last year.

He said their partnership with standard bank emerged with the launch of tippy taps in the bus terminus across the country.

He said Red Cross has made a great contribution in a fight towards covid-19 as their sole purpose is to help vulnerable people through the help of partners like the bank.

Masilo added that Red Cross used more than 46 million maloti in 10 districts of Lesotho in a fight against covid-19 and the bank also contributed a lot to help it achieve its goal of helping the vulnerable.

On behalf of the bank, Thabiso Tsenki expressed their gratitude to have partnered with Red Cross on the fight against Covid-19.

He said in 2020 the bank used 2.5 million to help fight covid-19 in the country, he added that in partnership with Red Cross they have managed to build 8 tippy tanks in the correctional facilities across the country whereby in each facility they have provided tippy tanks to both males and females prisons.

The donation was handed over to Lesotho correctional service in the presence of ministry of law a’s principal secretary Lebeko Sello.

Sello thanked the bank as well as Red Cross for their gifts to LCS.

Sello said there are lot of challenges that the commissioner of lesotho correctional service and one of them is the welfare of the prisoners.

He said the commissioner is found to see to it the prisoners are save and protected against covid-19.

The commissioner of LCS also welcomed the gift from Red Cross and the bank and said it has never been easy in the correctional services as it is a very congested place and it is hard to observe some of covid-19 protocol such as physical distancing.

He said the tippy tanks will help with regular washing of hands as it was a problem with fewer taps in the prisons.

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