M2.5 million ICU equipment gifted to Hospitals

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Lineo Ramatlapeng

Metropolitan Lesotho this week gifted Intensive Care Unit Equipment to three of the Christian Health Association of Lesotho (CHAL) hospitals of Seboche, Scott and Paray hospitals.

On behalf of Seboche hospital, Mrs. Klaas said the equipment consists of 2 ventilator machines, 2 oxygen concentrators, and others which are very important.

Klaas said with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the hospital had to close since they were vulnerable and Metropolitan came to their rescue.

Klaas added they will take good care of the equipment while putting it to good use to save lives.

Mamello Phomane from Metropolitan Lesotho explained that when COVID-19 started it came to them as a team they need to extend a helping hand during the pandemic.

Phomane added they could see from other countries that COVID-19 was deadly and was going to kill Basotho if they did nothing to help.

She said they made a decision to have a 2 prompt COVID-19 relief program with their partners and stakeholders.

The program, Phomane said consists of the first part which includes the provision of face masks and other Personal Protective Equipment and sanitizers while the second part includes critical equipment in the intensive care unit.

CHAL’s representative, Selapane Libete said the work becomes easier to do with such support from Metropolitan.

Libete added to fight COVID-19 they need health workers and equipment to save lives.

Libete emphasized that they should all take good care of the equipment and use it for a longer period of time.

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