LEPOSA Infighting leaves Police officers stranded

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…as Association Bank accounts are frozen

By Retšelisitsoe Khabo

Infighting within the Lesotho Police Staff Association (LEPOSA) leadership sparked by disagreements over accountability over missing 159 firearms has resulted in the association’s Bank account held with NedBank Lesotho being frozen.

The association can no longer access its funds and cannot pay compensation claims to its members or transact any business.

This is after the association’s General Secretary Moraleli Motloli in the company of the Deputy President of the association visited the bank on two occasions with letters requesting financial statements starting from the time when the current committee took office.

But, only the Association’s President, Secretary-General, and Treasurer are signatories to the finances of the Association.

However, both Secretary-General and Deputy President are part of the faction in the association allegedly refusing to account for missing firearms, while the President, Treasurer, Deputy General Secretary are part of the faction demanding accountability.

In a statement, the association’s Spokesperson Motlatsi Mofokeng said the general secretary and the deputy president told the bank they needed records of the association’s finances held with the bank ahead of a sitting of the executive committee where there is going to be a thorough review of the association’s finances.

Mofokeng said the general secretary of LEPOSA and the deputy president also informed the bank that Association’s Treasurer no longer has a right to access funds and or accounts of the association owing to charges she faces.

Mofokeng said the bank was told to freeze the association’s bank account by the general secretary and the deputy president.

He said when Association’s Treasurer, President as well as the Deputy General Secretary went to the NedBank they were told their colleagues had recommended the association’s finances be frozen and had demanded statements of the association’s bank account.

Mofokeng said the actions of the duo have caused a great inconvenience to LEPOSA’s activities.

He also said the freezing of the account has delayed the processing of the funeral scheme claims by the association’s members which were supposed to be finalized.