LeFA disburses second covid-19 relief fund

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By Retšelisitsoe Khabo

Following the receipt of a second batch of the USD 500 000 in Covid-19 relief funds form the FIFA, the Lesotho Football Association (LEFA) has once again gifted the funds to their beneficiaries in the country’s football.

Mokhosi Mohapi, LeFA’s secretary general in a virtual press briefing said the funds are in total making one million USD that has been apportioned into two trenches.

Mohapi said the first trench of 500 000 USD was received on the second semester of 2020 and was dispersed to LeFA’s 211 members.

He said the second trench came in last month but they could not disperse it immediately because they first needed to get the LeFA national executive committee’s resolution as that is one of the regulations that govern the FIFA relief fund.

Mohapi said on the first trench they gave out M8 660 000 and on the second trench they will be giving out M7 425 000 as the funds are affected by the Loti to Dollar exchange rates.

He said in the premier League clubs in the first trench disbursements, they had 14 clubs and they dispersed M80 000 per team and that amounted to M1 120 000.

Mohapi said despite the increase in number of premier League club this year they are still going disperse the Covid-19 relief fund to 14 premier League clubs as the FIFA Covid-19 relief fund was for the year 2019/2020 while the elite clubs were only fourteen.

He said this time the 14 premier League clubs will share just M960 277 14 and each team will get M68 591. 22.

Mohapi said in the first trench they had 20 A division clubs and they shared M800 000 whereby each team got M40 000.

He said on the second trench 20 A Division clubs will share M685 912 24 each team will get M34 295 61.

Mohapi said 458 B division clubs got M10 000 each team in the first trench that amounted into M4 580 000.

He said as a result of a decrease in the exchange rate 458 B division clubs will share M3 926 847 58 whereby each team will get M8 573 90.

Mohapi said in the first trench they had 181 C division clubs shared M1 086 000 and each team got M6 000 and now they will be sharing M931 125 87 whereby each team will get M5 144 34.

In conclusion, Mohapi said LeFA structures will also benefit from the Covid-19 relief fund whereby they will be sharing M320 086 61 and on the first trench they shared M395 000.

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