Leaders ‘dilly-dally’ on climate change mitigation: PM Majoro

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By Matiisetso Mosala

Lesotho’s Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro says global leaders have procrastinated on making decision on climate change for far too long, yet negative impacts on climate are being felt widely across the globe.

In his speech at the 26th conference of parties (COP 26) to the United Nations framework Convention on Climate Change in Glasgow, Scotland, Majoro said it is disappointing that others feel there is still time, notwithstanding scientific conclusions that leaders must act now, decisively and ambitiously.

“For us developing countries, and Lesotho in particular, the present level of global warming should be the ultimate cap on warming.
“Based on our anemic response to climate change so far, it is folly to experiment with and accept higher greenhouse concentrations”, Majoro noted.

He shared that global temperatures have increased by more than 1 degree Celsius since the pre-industrial period from technologies that have dangerously changed the ecosystem.
He said this is to a point that communities now experience cold spells that occur during summer seasons, shortened planting seasons as rains have delayed, warm temperature extremes are more frequent and droughts are more frequent and blistering.

According to Majoro, these changes have negatively impacted all facets of life including access to food, water, energy, health and education.

He says unfortunately, there are no fiscal resources in country or from international funds for adaptation and restitution as national reserves have been depleted by responses to Covid-19, while access to global climate finance mechanisms remain effectively shut.

He is of the view that financial commitments made so far will fall short of what the world needs to save itself from climate warming.

“Provision of up scaled predictable financial resources by developed countries is key to Lesotho and the sustainability of her adaptation actions.

“Technology and capacity building support for adaptation actions at national and local levels in Lesotho is needed”, shared Majoro.

Notwithstanding, the Prime Minister said sustainability of climate friendly actions in developing countries will depend on the literacy of future generations on climate change, thereby calling for the youth to be equipped with the capacity to adapt and mitigate global warming.

In the same manner, he emphasized that strengthening scientific knowledge in a manner that informs climate services and supports decision-making is necessary for Lesotho and research centers should be strengthened and supported financially, technologically and technically.

COP26 Summit aims to bring stakeholders together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate change.
It started on October 31 and it will run until November 12 2021. Lesotho is represented by officers from the Ministry of Energy and Meteorology as well as other line ministries and departments technical teams.