LCD leaders fight

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By Pulane Chaka

An internecine fight is raging within the opposition Lesotho Congress for Democracy with its Secretary-General Teboho Sekata threatening to abandon one-time Lesotho’s strongest party.

Sekata, in defiance against alleged party parliamentary caucus decision, entered a contest for the appointment of the Public Accounts Committee Chairperson election and emerged victorious ahead of his party deputy leader Tšeliso Mokhosi.

LCD caucus had wanted Mokhosi to be appointed chairperson of public accounts committee, but he was outfoxed by Sekata. Furthermore, the KDNews understands that there are other underlying issues that bother on abuse of office in the LCD that has since irked Sekata and caused him to challenge the authority of his leader Mothetjoa Metsing and his deputy.

Instead, Sekata broke the ranks with the party defying parliamentary caucus decision and contested against his party deputy leader and came out victorious.

A victory that has caused him to be scolded by some members of the party national executive committee for alleged disregard of party directive to stand down.

It was the first time the LCD preferred candidate, Mokhosi became a member of the Public Accounts Committee but the victor in the committee poll, Sekata has cut his teeth on how this fiscus oversight mechanism that works to whip government inline on use of public funds carries out its daily duties.

When news of the fight in the party emerged, some disgruntled members of the LCD took to social media to air their dissatisfaction and it also surfaced that Sekata could be slated to defect to the Democratic Congress.

This is amid Sekata being a Proportional Representation member of parliament under the LCD ticket, a situation that denies him a right to officially defect to another political party. However, disgruntled MPs on Proportional representation seats have in the past defied their party line culture and voted with the party or group of parties they intend to defect to when the time for elections comes.

An LCD stalwart, Molobeli Soulo said he is disappointed with the state of affairs within the party as members do not bring matters forthwith but instead choose to wash the party dirty linen in public and embarrass the party.

Another party bigwig and former deputy speaker of the National Assembly Montšuoe Lethoba said Sekata astounds him as he has been warned not to step out of line or else he would be removed from the party.

Lethoba in a widely circulated audio seemed to be calling on Sekata not to defect but to stay within the party amid reminding him of the counsel he was given not to contest for the party’s Secretary-General position as he would find himself in the cold if he defied the party leader.

Lethoba further said it would be a grave mistake for Sekata to jump ship simply because of a misunderstanding with leadership ranks. He said he has personally endured attacks on his family amid being a big contributor to the party’s election campaigns.

In a rear advisory comment, Basotho National Party’s Deputy Leader and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Machesetsa Mofomobe said: “If the party national executive committee or Parliamentary Caucus decided to field Deputy leader for the contest for the position of public accounts committee chairperson, then the secretary-general Sekata should have toed the party line”.

Contacted for comment, Sekata told the KDNews he would prefer to address all these issues at the press briefing that was supposed to take place today but was later reportedly postponed according to a notice issued by Apesi Ratšele.

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