Koalabata’s notorious young gang busted

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By Likhabiso Khabo

Members of the Lesotho Defence Force Military police this past week rounded up ten youths that are part of a gang that terrorized villages of Koalabata, Naleli, Sekamaneng, Khubetsoana and Mabote.

KDNews learned the gangsters were modus operanti was mugging and snatching phones targeted at women and young girls.

These boys, villagers said terrorized the community with criminal acts that made women and girls fear traveling in the night.

Villagers also added these gangsters were caught bearing deadly weapons like Okapi and other types of knives they used to stab and wound their victims.

The gangsters, villagers said were known to “stab to kill”.

Some villagers showed KDNews a picture of a boy that the gangsters stabbed leaving him half dead with a wound so serious that it had to be stitched several times.

One of the villagers said she witnessed the arrest.

She said “they were thrown into the back of two bakkies. The soldiers kicking them, God is really good indeed’’.

She said they had turned themselves into the village villains and she is really glad that they were caught.

KDNews learned not all gang members were caught but the investigation is not over and the LDF public affairs office has advised other gang members to turn themselves in.

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