Khetheng’s murder trial resumes

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By Lisebo Letsie

A fifth witness in the ongoing murder trial of Police Constable Mokalekale Khetheng told the court he lied when questioned about the deceased to save his life.

Ntoa Malefane said in order to preserve his life he lied about what happened to the deceased.

Malefane told the court that he was forced to lie about Khetheng’s matter.

He then told the court that when he was about to be arrested he ran from his colleagues who wanted to arrest him, but his brother advised him not to do so and it was only then he told his brother he had already run.

Malefane said his brother advised him to hand himself to the police and tell his side of the story.

He said he then went to Police Headquarters where he was told to write a report of the day he saw inspector Mokalekale leaving the compound.

He said one Mokenyane ordered another Sub Inspector to write the difference from what Malefane knew on the report.

He said he was told to include in his report that Inspector Mofolo told him that they had killed a person.

Malefane told the court that he was told by Mokenyane that the police made a mistake so they have to protect the dignity of the LMPS.

A sixth witness P.C. Makatsanyane Lematla who was working at the Hlotse Police station keeping records said Mofolo came to his office and asked for an occurrence books (OB) file of March 26 2016.

“Mofolo was asking for the original file which was not normal as the original was only given to people who will be using it in court,” he said.

Lematla further indicated that as far as he can remember, the files were not returned when he left the office in 2019.

The case was before Judge Charles Hungwe.