Kabi vows to end Hlotse water woes

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By Nicole Tau

Minister of Water Nkaku Kabi and his office have gone on a steadfast journey across Lesotho making promises to end water shortages.

Kabi’s recent trip on Wednesday, amongst other places on his agenda, was to Hlotse in Leribe district where he visited places such as Ha-Khabo, Menkhoaneng, Pela-Tšoeu, Mohobong, and Ha-Ratulo.

The purpose of the trip, according to the Director of Department of Water Affairs, Motoho Maseatile, was to see the place of the Integrated Catchment Management Programme (ICMP) plan that is going to benefit Leribe, Hlotse region.

According to Kabi, the dam will be located at Hlotse, and the implementation of the ICMP will benefit Ha-Khabo village as the most hit by soil erosion.

“Some of you will have to part with your fields because after five years, the soil erosion will have ruined your lands to an extent that there will be nothing but rock,” said Kabi.

According to Kabi, those farmers will be compensated yearly and will be equipped with crop and land cultivation knowledge, ensuring that the dam will not get affected by soil erosion.

“The compensations will be more cost-effective than constant damage repairs caused by soil erosions,” Kabi said.

According to Kabi, the implementations of new water supply systems will create jobs for the people in the surrounding regions.

Moreover, Kabi and his office made it that the availability of water in Lesotho is most imperative now during the COVID-19 pandemic and urged local communities to take the pandemic seriously and protect themselves and their families by complying with health regulations.

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