Invest more in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for women

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By Lineo Ramatlapeng

Communications, Science and Technology Minister Thesele ’Maseribane has called for greater investments in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education for women and girls and their careers and professional advancement.

Maseribane made remarks on women and girls not having equal access to education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at a celebration held this week.

He said discriminatory stereotypes deny women and girls the chance to realize their potential and deprive the world of the ingenuity and innovation of half the population, which is women and girls.

Maseribane further explained that “we need to end bias, have greater investments in STEM education for all women and girls as well as opportunities for their careers and long-term professional advancement so that all can benefit from their groundbreaking future contributions”.

Additionally, Maseribane emphasized it is important that both women and men STEM leaders mentor girls and women in all stages on their path to participation and leadership in STEM education and careers.

In terms of economic growth 144, developing countries would increase their GDP by 8 trillion if 600 million women and girls have access to ICT.

Maseribane mentioned Lesotho is proud and active member of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO).

The government of Lesotho, Maseribane said has designated Technology and innovation as one of the four key pillars for economic development in current five-year national strategic development plan.

“This means that we have an opportunity to be in the limelight, an opportunity to shine and deliver”, said Maseribane.

Maseribasne also said the ministry is also working on laws and policies to help guide technology development and innovation.

Maseribane said Lesotho was one of the first seven SADC countries to sign the Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Organization (WISETO) charter in June 2018 and placed a bid to host the regional WISETO office. “We do not want to be left behind as others progress,” said Maseribane.

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