Human trafficking is not an outsider – Letsosa

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By Lerema Pheea

In its outreach program meant to ease access to Birth certificates and Identity Documents, the Ministry of Home Affairs has sensitized members of various communities across Lesotho on the harsh effects of Trafficking in Persons.

In one of the recent outreach programs, activities Home Affairs Minister Motlalentoa Letsosa personally explained to sensitize community leaders about human trafficking and how it manifests itself.

Letsosa while visiting the communities of Pulane Ha Lenkoane, in the district of Berea district made the villagers aware that human trafficking is not something that is far but within them.

Letsosa said that it was the amendment of the law that provides for means to curb trafficking in persons of 2011 that was concluded in January 2021.

The Minster said the law provides after an amendment has introduced strict penalties against persons found guilty of the crime of trafficking persons.

He said that criminals found guilty of the crime of trafficking in persons will be sentenced to a jail term of 25 years.

He explained that people must have the consciousness of human trafficking as and that must govern them and their actions.

He firmly confirmed his remarks by making an example of parents who want their child to work as herd boys.

He said that decision of continuing with such task should not be made by the parents but must be of the who is going to carry such task.

“This must not come as pressure to a child to take it but he should be given the opportunity to love or hate such task because he is the one who will taste the fruits of doing such task…

“The parents must not be the ones who are in charge of making decisions for their child because it is unlawful for parents to receive wages of their child as though they are the ones who is working,” said Letsosa.

He added that human trafficking is like the action of being a rebellion because to commit such type of crime is definitely trampling over the rights of another human.

He continued to encourage the community to avoid such a crime as much as they can because it has ability to lead them to detention.