Hololo MP Manyooko defects to DC

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By Lerema Pheea

The All Basotho Convention (ABC)’s Hololo constituency legislator Tlokotsi Manyooko officially joined Democratic Congress (DC) in a move that comes after DC’s annunciation of resolutions that relaxed stringent conditions to contest elections under the party.

Jubilant members of the DC regalia were assembled at the party headquarters earlier today to welcome into the party Manyooko amid pomp and fanfare.

Manyooko crosses from ABC after the election of new party leader Nkaku Kabi and surrendered himself to DC led by Deputy Prime Minister Mathibeli Mokhothu.

DC’s deputy leader Motlaletoa Letsosa said he is delighted to introduce a new member who was secretly already a member but today publicly revealed what was concealed.

Letsosa said Manyooko arrives at the right time where the is preparing to celebrate its 10 years of existence.

The DC was formed following gruesome infighting within the Lesotho Congress for Democracy when factions in the party were then led by then Secretary-General Mothetjoa Metsing (current LCD leader) and current Alliance of Democrats leader Monyane Moleleki.

Letsosa said Mokhothu’s message to the party special conference held recently was that a time will arrive whereby many politicians are going to join DC.

“We are now busy preparing to celebrate DC’s formation in Teyateyaneng this coming weekend and we are expecting many of the members to present there”, said Letsotsa.

He said the Manyooko will not forget the day he joined DC because it is the day the party celebrates its formation on February 25.

Letsosa ordered Manyooko to develop DC within the Botha-Bothe district and not just his home constituency of Hololo only.

“We are only left with two constituencies where we are left behind in our campaign to repossess and we are expecting DC to the country’s 80 constituencies,” said Letsosa.

Speaking at his welcoming ceremony, Monyooko explained that his analysis was that DC is the one party that has a bright future.

“It is my desire to see spreading all over Lesotho and to be popular in all SADC,” said Manyooko.

He continued to say to he is ready to raise DC as they are already busy going in all constituencies of Botha-Bothe to entice people to vote for the party.