Grilled Chicken outlets locked down

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Lineo Ramatlapeng

It has not been easy for any business to survive the past 3 months, under COVID-19 lockdown, with some businesses surviving while others sunk financially.

For various restaurants, many lost jobs, waiters, and waitresses were left stranded without work.

The set-up restaurants are dependent on clients walking in to eat and leave, but COVID-19 prohibits such gatherings making them some of the businesses that are really having a hard time adhering to COVID-19 precautions. However, some are now adjusted to only offering take-aways and deliveries.

But for a Thabo Khasipe a manager of Maseru’s popularly known grilled chicken restaurant, Barcelos it has been a tough time recovering as their business is reeling from the effect of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Khasipe said he works for both restaurants located at Maseru Mall and Pioneer Mall and juggles from one to another from time to time.

But, Khasipe told KDNews his Maseru Mall branch has experienced technical problems that require a lot of money to recover.

Khasipe said he originally has eighteen staff members at Maseru Mall but since the relaxation of lockdown only 8 of them have been going to work.

He adds they are now working for another upmarket restaurant they run called Kingdom Lounge in an effort to raise enough funds for Barcelos Maseru Mall to recover.

Khasipe said things are really not good with Barcelos Pioneer Mall as the sales are lower than usual

“The restaurant is not even making half of what we used to make. We were hoping that we would make enough money for the one at Maseru mall to be revived., but that not the case,” said Khasipe.

“Here at pioneer we have 22 staff members and only 8 of them are coming to work, it was not easy to choose the 8 people,” said Khasipe.

He said for employees that have been going to work, they are only paying them a third of their original salaries.

Khasipe said he is afraid that if things get worse and not better for the next coming three months they would not survive.

He explained for his employees whom he has not recalled back to work would still be reemployed when business recovered.

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