Engineering solutions boosts farming in a time of climate change

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Mamello Mosaefane

A local innovative aggrotech company is giving farmers hope and chance to delight over their harvest through provision of innovative solutions that help crops withstand the harsh climatic conditions and bear fruit.

The aggrotech company, Mehloli-ea-Lintle, prides itself with services it offers its farmer clientele in a time of climate change that has presented farmers with unpredictable weather conditions that are no longer favourable to crop farming.

According to Pontšo Nkholise, an employee at the company who spoke to KDNews, said they merge engineering technology with the agriculture industry culture to come up with techniques that will help yield better regardless of the weather challenges antagonising farmers.

Nkholise said they do these by among others manufacturing greenhouses structures for different agricultural purposes, manufacturing of shade nets and protected farming structures, irrigation systems, water harvesting and water storage system, providing agricultural tools and machines as well as training and supervision.

She explains that with all these services, crop farming is once again made possible even in this challenging weather conditions.

As rain is no longer seen like in the past years, Mehloli-ea-Lintle provides a variety of irrigation systems that Nkholise explains are important in many ways.

“The advantages of their irrigation systems among others include, saving water, as water does not get sprinkled on the whole ground even where there are no plants.

“The water goes directly to the plants. She further adds that installing their irrigation systems is easy and affordable,” said Nkholise.

Even though change is a long journey, Nkholise said Mehloli-ea-Lintle is growing significantly, as its products can be seen in all of the country’s ten districts; though their offices are still centralised in Maseru.

This, Nkholise said does not limit Mehloli-ea-Lintle from reaching out to all the districts in its quest of improving agriculture to eliminate poverty.

She said Mehloli-ea-Lintle intends to make each day a learning day to make their services known to all through use of social media platforms like Facebook, Website, Radio programs slots as well as adverts on newspapers and television.

To ensure reaching all Basotho in need of their services, Mehloli-ea-Lintle, Nkholise said aims at linking its clients with banks to help ease access to finance.

This, Nkhokise said will help eradicate poverty in the country, as the company believes with its services; local sfood production will be of good quality.

Like all other businesses, Mehloli-ea-Lintle has its challenges, these Nkholise said includes finding commercial funding to import higher quality materials and equipment from international suppliers.

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