Elly’s hairdressing school endures the COVID-19 challenge

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By Mamello Mosaefane

Itumeleng Matlotlo, owner of Elly’s Hairdressing School that started operation on January 13 graduated her first cohort of hairdressers amid the COVID-29 pandemic lockdown restricting hairdressing businesses from operating.

The 27-year-old Motlolo hails from a rural area of Tosing in the southern district of Quthing and started her saloon business in 2016 after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Journalism at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

Matlotlo said she has always been asked to share her hairdressing skills since 2015 with other aspiring hairdressers even before she could own a saloon.

She said many loved her work even before she could own a saloon and believed those skills could also help them generate money.

Matlolo said she was given an idea of running a hairdressing school and she gave it a thought and decided to go for it from January.

Matlotlo adds she is very proud of her students who made it until the end as they endured many challenges with her, but they persevered with her.

She mentioned that right at the beginning, she faced a challenge of losing some of her students who had registered with her as the school was not fully registered then.

She said the students felt that the school was not legitimate, but she said her perseverance paid off and went on with the training while working on completing her registration process.

Throughout this journey, Matlotlo said she struggled so much to deal with people with different kinds of personalities.

She said she struggled so much that she ended up expelling one of her students because she could not solve a feud that was going on between her and the student.

“This is not something I am proud of,” Matlotlo said but acknowledges she learned a lot starting the school.

Like all the other schools, Matlotlo said they were inconvenienced by the imposition of lockdown as they had to close the school. she said they lost about two months of their school calendar.

On their reopening, Matlotlo said they pushed so hard that they managed to complete the training in record time.

She adds that when the second lockdown was announced, they had already completed and they had a farewell party last week.

Matlolo said the students are now only waiting for the issuance of certificates on the graduation day as the ministry is yet to offer the school an accreditation school number.

Boithatelo Malia, one of Matlotlo’s students, said Matlotlo should not beat herself so much on her approach towards her students.

Malia maintained that Matlotlo is not a teacher by profession, hence some mistakes were to be expected especially as the school is at its infancy.

Molia said the skills she acquired from Elly’s Hairdressing school are beyond what she expected. She hopes to own a saloon someday and make a living as a hairdresser.

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