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The Reflector

From random fires that smell a little too much like arson, to the country’s natural resources basically being auctioned off… this has been a few eventful weeks.

Aside from the factory workers rioting and refusing to report for work until their demands are met, there was an inexplicable fire at the Old Parliament Premises, to be precise in the Senate Chambers.

A fire that looks even to the untrained eye a lot like a cover-up (for what exactly? You tell me), and of course there is the matter of the country’s natural resources being siphoned to within an inch of their lives.

Our priorities as a country seem a little skewed most times.

Remember the old man who use to be our Prime Minister, and while in office was named a murder suspect, but refused if not resisted arrest and has to date never been arrested or charged officially.

When a government building suddenly goes up in flames — remember Finance Ministry’s pension office fire — a ‘heater’ is always to blame and not an arsonist who left it on in the first place.

When natural resources start to dwindle because of mismanagement, we run ourselves ragged trying to come up with who to blame when the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of those who are supposedly ‘leading’ this country.

The governing body of a country is responsible for the situations and circumstances that befall it.

The government cannot and should not shirk responsibility for certain occurrences and try to pretend them away.

What is going to happen to this country in the coming years – if we ever make it that far? What will be left for future generations? How will you explain to your children and their children why there isn’t a country left for them to live in, let alone cultivate?

And instead of politicians working together to fix what needs fixing, we have people pointing fingers back and forth like their ability to point out the obvious makes them better suited to heal this broken nation.

Nqosa Mahao, former Minister of Justice, said at one of his new party rallies that the country’s resources were being grabbed as we do to clothes of the deceased after burial and that all this is thanks to our thieving, corrupt government after government.

So, what do we do about it then?

There is no point standing on a soapbox and yelling into a storm where your voice won’t be heard. In fact, one former Prime Minister who served the country many years than many under this disguise of a return to democratic rule since 1993 used to say his detractors are like dogs barking at the moon.

There is no point in yelling that there is corruption if you, who wants to be elected as the Prime Minister of that government – I presume, isn’t doing anything to quell that corruption currently.

The citizens of this country deserve better than half-hearted maybes and bean packets with politicians’ faces on them, lest they forget who to vote for in the upcoming elections.

Let me ask you this… would you rather be handed the occasional beans and mielie meal rations or would you rather live in a prospering country where wealth is abundant?

That sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it?

But we sit on natural minerals, green gold… that this very government will you tell you it is illegal to own while selling it off the land for a cent to foreign nationals to cultivate it.

The money the country is supposed to be getting for the sale of water it does not get because of mismanagement, or maybe just willful ignorance…who knows at this point?

There are so many red flags floating around right now and they all start and end with members of the sitting government and their affiliates.

And let’s not forget the political infighting that is spilling over and turning this country into a playground battle where nothing gets done because you cannot be on the same team as a member of an opposing political party or, worse yet, not being employed at all for the same reason.

Now we could all sit by and pretend that the infighting in most of our political parties has been assuaged, but we all know it’s only a matter of time before something else sets them off again, and, who knows, maybe next time whoever is in charge will sell the country off in a fit of rage.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. The parliamentarians want to give themselves more money. From where? Who knows, but they should be able to dig the factory workers’ minimum wages up from the same place, no?

Considering how inconsiderate the sitting government has been about the rights and needs of its people, pandemic and all, who are you going to vote for come the elections? Are any of them actually worth voting for at this point? Is there no other option but to vote for them?

No one is perfect. This is a given. However, our governing body cannot and should not be the seed of corruption in our nation because then all that grows is poison fruit all around.

And speaking of political parties… have we all forgotten that contraction of the coronavirus is quite easy when there are large crowds of people situated in a common area… such as, oh I don’t know, a political rally?

Politicians who want to keep their constituents safe would not be asking them to gather, routinely, in the midst of winter, to listen to them yammer on for hours at end.

Other than asking you to leave your homes to go freeze in this cold weather, with the possibility of not being able to return home at a timely hour (cue ABC tears) and not feeding or clothing or warming you for the day, what do these rallies have to offer? Camaraderie? Is that not something you can get from your neighbors… from a safe distance away?

I have come to the stark realization that most politicians care more about how they are perceived than actually making any kind of actionable change… but that’s just me. Right?

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