Digital transformation for registration of births at hospitals

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By Lerema Pheea

In an effort to decentralize the registration of Births and Deaths, Home Affairs Minister Motlalentoa Letsosa commemorated the African Civil Registration and Vital day by the introduction of an online birth and death registration introduction at the Maluti Adventist hospital.

Maluti Adventist Hospital comes as a second hospital after Scott Hospital based in Morija to have the online digital transformation in the registry of deaths and births services introduced.

Letsosa said that it is the sole responsibility of home affairs to offer the services: Birth, death, marriage, divorce, and also identity documents.

He also said that these services are very essential to humanity in general because every citizen of a country needs to have identification documents as it is a legal requirement.

He said statistics that are collected are used for informing the development of the country and the public in general.

He further indicated that his mission is to decentralize services all over the country so that each and every person can find services adjusted to meet their geographical areas.

“It is also important that we are integrating with other institutions in the provision of services.

“…that is why the ministry is dealing with this huge commission in order to modify these services so they can be found nearer to the public,” said Letsosa.

He added that they are working together with local chiefs and councilors to see to it that decentralization of services is a prioritized task in the community.

He further added that this decentralization task, the public servants would undertake it with the help of the office of the local chief and council.

“In the same manner, we are working together with the ministry of health for the public servants deployed by home affairs ministry working all over the country can register a child’s birth and deaths.

“We are also on the process of modifying these services in every health center corporately using online machines in order to issue the birth certificate immediately,” said Letsosa.

He said that this decentralization mission commenced when His Majesty King Letsie III celebrated his birthday on July 17, at Morija’s Scott hospital.

He said as it is the anniversary day of registration of birth and death in Africa, they decided to modify the registration of birth on health centers and incorporate it with an online platform by starting with Maluti Adventist hospital.

“The essence of doing this is to make services to be easily available nearer to the public to avoid the burden of expenses like it was before for people.

“The plan is to modify this service of preferring the usage of online machines to be all over the country with all forms and kinds that can be made in order to simplify the delivery of services to the society,” said Letsosa.

He further explained that as the country is facing a coronavirus pandemic, the modification of this registration service that is ongoing will help to issue the statistics that show the rate of infection.

He said that this will help much in the fighting of this disease and for the government to be able to know the strategies that can be applied to stop its spreading.

He concluded that the community, chief and councilors to work hand in hand in order to detect all births and deaths happening in their places to be registered so that not even one can be left behind.