Come next election-remember their greed and the poverty you lurked in

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The Reflector

Just when you thought government and member of parliament could not get any greedier as the effects of COVID-19 sunk in Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro’s administration displayed that it is their time to eat.

A few months ago, the country, and the world, was struck by a virus. A virus that made trade difficult, that made daily life difficult, that robbed millions of people all over the world their employment, and that made life hard in general.

Yet, somehow, in all of that, government of Lesotho saw an influx of cash to squander as they so pleased while the poor electorate die in poverty.

Not only are their actions clearly guided by greed, by it is evident that the members of the tenth parliament give not one poop about how Basotho will survive as they look to line their already overflowing pockets.

In most other countries—you know, the ones where governments actually care—funds have been taken from parliamentarians and handed to the masses to help sustain them during these hard times. But not here, apparently.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that the monies that parliamentarians make would not be able to feed this country of about two million, but it sure wouldn’t hurt.

Let’s put it all together, shall we.

Most other working-class Basotho get a salary too (benefits as well, depending on the job), and from that salary they are able to pay their mortgages, car insurance, school fees (assuming they have children), medical expenses, groceries and still have enough to be able to show up at work every day so they can do it all over again next month.

Parliamentarians get a monthly salary – regardless of whether they do their jobs or not. They get benefits such as housing, transportation, utilities, entertainment allowances, as well as gratuity every two years among others.

Now, on top of all of that, they have given themselves M5000 for fuel allowance—tax-free—while their constituents, friends and neighbours starve.

And to the starvation of these people they react by giving the bare minimum and expecting praise for their lackluster performances while the elections are merely a sneeze away. Before this though, where were they?

Parliamentarians sit in houses paid by taxpayer bucks, drive cars, eat food, buy clothes with money that the citizens of this country afford them. And I do mean afford, as they did not place themselves in parliament.

How can we, as citizens of this country, trust parliamentarians who react to situations instead of plan for them?

How do we continue to trust in a system that tells those who are in poverty to remain where they are because their purpose is to be stepping stones for the parliamentary elite and those looking for a quick photo op?

And – to add insult to injury – when a Member of Parliament stands and says that the fuel allowance is unnecessary and hefty given the timing as well as the dwindling finances, he is met with disdain and criticism.

I did not realise that a parliamentarian who was actually thinking of the people in this country and not just himself was something to roll your eyes at, but here we are. This is the bully mentality that resides within the government. When someone is actually looking to help the country, his counterparts ask how they will benefit first.

Be careful who you vote for in these upcoming elections. The general elections are coming and it is high time to start making choices that are good for the country as a whole and not just for your brother’s uncle’s sister’s third son who is going to be an MP in the next election.

In other words, vote for people who have impacted this country positively.

Also, can we get young blood running this country? I get the current PM is a little different, you know? Not the same vitamin 80-with-dementia-but-somehow-running-a-country kind.

I understand turning to our elders when in need of enlightenment but some of our elders were alive during the stone age and are incapable of learning how to use new technology, which our sitting government proved not too long ago.

And yet those same people intend for us to trust them with the country’s finances and well-being.

Well, okay then.

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