China Gardens burnt to cinders

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By KDNews Team

Taiwanese-owned defunct China Garden Restaurant on the corner of Mpilo Boulevard and Orpen Road was, during the lunch hour, gutted by fire to ashes.

The China Garden compound had been turned, by its owner – identified as Mr Hsu, into home for multiple of Chinese tenants.

But this afternoon, KDNews witnessed as fire ravaged the old Chinese house in a few minutes.

The building, owned by Hsu and managed by his son, was engulfed by fire after a suspected electric fault caused the building to be engulfed by fire that started from one of the tenant’s rooms.

Hsu told KDNews he suspects an electric fault but said the firemen would be well placed to say what could have caused the fire.

Firemen who were barely coping with the fire tried to put out the fire but it continued to rage on and destroyed the building and its roofing caved in.

The Chinese tenants were seen trying to drag out their belongings out of the burning building even as the fire burned on.

The fire attracted dozens of spectators who said the maintenance man of the compound had been stressing in the weeks prior to the fire because the residents were complaining that they were having electrical issues.

Sources privy to information about the China Garden happenings alleged the electricity connection to the premises was illegally connected and had a number of faults that were expected to be fixed by the maintenance man who has no electrical engineering expertise.


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