Botha-Bothe residents upset with Urban Council

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By Pulane Chaka

Residents of Botha-Bothe have complained to Minister of Local Government and Chieftainship Affairs, Tsoinyane Samuel Rapapa, in a petition about poor services they received at their Urban Council.

Botha-Bothe residents recently found out that a plot of land within the town center that was home to the District’s Basotho hat Mokorotlo monument, which holds a history for the residents, was sold without an open tender.

The people of Botha-Bothe are upset over a decision made by the Urban Council to move the monument from its present placement to the Maoeng area, which is known by the residents to be a park.

The letter stated that the residents were confused over the movement of such an important landmark to an area that had been designated as a park and see this as a sign of corrupt award of land rights.

Along with this, the petition also raised concerns over numerous issues like the shady sale of municipal land, ill-treatment of vendors by big business, corrupt award of small plots to vendors with demands for bribes.

The residents called for the Town Clerk, Thabiso Nchakha, to be respectful and requested that he stop intimidating through the use of police officers.

The letter further suggests that the members of the current Urban Council be removed as they are not performing well and the residents suspect their corruption goes as high as the Town Clerk among others that work within the Urban Council office.

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