AD bigwigs differ on Ntakha’s return

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By Mamello Mosaefane

Alliance of Democrats (AD) executives Thuso Litjobo and Mahali Phamotse have come in sharp contrast over the return of the long-term party’s social media influencer, Joseph Ntakha, from All Basotho Convention (ABC).

Ntakha took hardly a month as an ABC member, having defected from AD before matters forced him back to his old home.

In ABC, he worked closely with Stadium Area legislator, Mokherane Tsatsanyane, covering his constituency campaign activities in his activism work.

In a new twist of events, Tsatsanyane left ABC to join AD, dragging Ntakha back to his abandoned party. Ntakha has since asked for forgiveness from the AD. See video below.

In an interview with KingdomDigitalNews earlier today, the AD secretary general Phamotse appealed to party members to forgive Ntakha but the party spokesperson Litjobo still sees him as “powerful ABC member”.

Phamotse said AD preaches and lives on love, oneness and forgiveness. He urged other party members to apply those tenets when treating Ntakha’s return to the party.

She said although Ntakha did not follow any of the party’s due procedures when leaving and returning to the party, she is aware that he is back and assured him forgiveness “as an individual”.

However, Litjobo told KingdomDigitalNews that he was surprised to learn that Ntakha is back but was quick to add that “a mere member of the party can just leave the party, whether formally or informally”.

“Nonetheless, coming back is a different story altogether, especially for a member like Ntakha who left in bad faith after tarnishing the AD leader Monyane Moleleki’s name,” Litjobo charged, also adding Ntakha should pen a letter to the AD National Executive Committee.

“The committee will then decide whether the person should be forgiven and granted new membership or rejected,” Litjobo further said.

Notwithstanding Ntakha’s request for forgiveness, Litjobo insisted his position is that former is only displaying signs of returning but to him, “Ntakha is still a powerful member of ABC”.

On the other hand, Phamotse concluded that as much as she may have interest in knowing about Ntakha’s return, her position as the secretary general did not allow her to approach Ntakha on anything concerning his actions.

One of the AD officials Sello Chesetsi, Machache Constituency Secretary said is not ready to welcome Ntakha back to AD “after tarnishing the party’s image in many ways on social media”.

Chesetsi said Ntakha divulged a lot of sensitive matters of the party on social media.

“These among others include publicising the fact that AD’s Leader, Mr Monyane Moleleki, qualifies for pension,” Chesetsi said.

This according to Chesetsi was an issue discussed in a closed party meeting together with some of the issues that Ntakha has disclosed.

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  • All what Ntakha is doing is something that he planned long ago with some other big party members, I fail to understand as for how this young man can be this insane for sweet nothing, he truly is heading somewhere, unfortunately at the worst interest of our movement. We thus can not allow him any chance this time around to tarnish our party’s image.
    Hale fahloe habeli

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