ABC Youth League demands Thabane to resign as leader

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  • As ABC gears up to elect another leader

Tumisang Serame

All Basotho Convention’s Youth League has called on its party leader, former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane to step down as party leader as well as resign from parliament.

This is after this embattled ABC founding leader handed his resignation to His Majesty the king on May 19 2020, paving way for his finance minister Moeketsi Majoro to take reigns as prime minister.

Thabane has since January been under immense pressure to step down after being fingered in the murder of his estranged wife, Lipolelo Thabane who was gunned down on the eve of his inauguration after the June 2017 election.

In an interview with KDNews youth league spokesperson, who is also a Senator Mphonyane Lebesa said the elderly Thabane should resign as leader of the party as well as a Member of Parliament.

“After having resigned as PM, he (Thabane) should also step down as party leader as well a legislator for the Abia #37 constituency by handing his resignation letter to the speaker of the national assembly,” Lebesa said.

Lebesa said there is a clique within the party that would want to see Thabane retain his position as party leader in order to abuse their proximity to him for their own personal gain in the party as it prepares to elect his successor.

“We want his to rest and not have his wisdom and influence abused by those who are power-hungry and gunning for party leadership positions,” said Lebesa.

Lebesa argues that his leader Thabane as an elderly person is tired and should take a rest and enjoy his pension for having served the country in its second-highest office.

“He should retire on all those levels of leadership and we have accepted that he has served and that will pave way for us as the ABC to elect a new leader,” he further said.

He said this would mean that the ABC would have to contest the Abia #37 constituency and the ‘Makhoroana #20 constituency by-elections following the passing of Hlomelang Clement.

“We do not want him to be regarded as a former PM who enjoys pension while still in parliament like former PM Pakalitha Mosisili, he should set a record by retiring entirely,” Lebesa said.

The youth league’s spokesman further said they are looking forward to Thabane’s resignation, in order for Abia constituency to be represented by someone new while “Thabane should give advice to government as a veteran and a new leader must take on the role of leadership towards the 2022 elections”.

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